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Why Wood is more Valuable than Diamonds in the whole Universe

Recently a fact on the viral that woods are more valuable than diamonds but why is it? I mean, if you go to a jewellery shop and a wood shop will find that diamonds are more valuable than woods. Even the raw diamonds are more beautiful than so why the question? if you know the answer – 

 why diamonds are less valuable than wood in the whole universe write them in the comment section below.

Topics :

  1. Introduction
  2. Formation of Diamond
  3. Formation of wood
  4. Extraterrestrial Diamonds
  5. Where you can find wood
  6. Conclusion : My last Thought

     Okay let’s explore the physical composition of the diamond. The diamonds are the most concentrated form of pure carbon in the natural world and it is one of the most hardest material on earth. To understand why dimes are so rare we need to understand how diamonds are formed.

Formation of Diamond :

condition of intense heat and pressure. Diamonds are found at a depth of approx 180-200 km (93 and 155 mi) Diamonds are formed around 3 billion years ago deep within the earth’s crust under the. Here’s the temperature averaged 900 to 130 degrees Celsius. pressure at the earth. The organic process of diamond formation

requires four ingredients – 

  • Carbon : a chemical element
  • Time : a physical quantity
  • Pressure : a  physical quantity
  • Heat  : a  physical quantity

 The extreme heat and pressure combined, actually modified graphite, a crystalline carbon, on the atomic level. This graphite molecule composition from hexagonal pattern to triangular one resulting a diamond. later they transfer from deep within the earth to the surface via volcanic pipes.

Source : Sketchfab


Formation of wood :

 In other hand we can get wood easily on the earth’s surface. Just plant a tree wait for a few years or decades or more and wow ! you can get woods. You need not to wait for billions of year or need not to dig hole on earth but there’s a twist. Until now we are talking about the Earth but what’s about the universe ? 

– To understand this we need to blast up to the outer space.

 Our universe is vast from our current observation is around 93 billion light-years wide in diameter. There are about 200 billion galaxies and each of them has around 100 billions of stars compared to them our arts and the solar system is just a tiny dot.

Extraterrestrial Diamonds:

  Diamonds on the earth are rare but diamonds in the universe are not rare. You can find diamonds on an asteroid. 

Diamonds on Asteroid :

Back in 1987, a team of scientists examined some materials and found grains of diamonds about 2 Nanometer in diameter. Analysis of more materials we found Nano diamonds from many stars.

Diamonds on solar Planets :

 If we move forward we can find diamonds on planets. Back in 1981 Marvin Ross wrote a paper, titled “The ice layer in Uranus and Neptune — diamonds in the sky?” in which he proposed that huge quantities of diamonds might be found in the interior of this planet. at LLNL he analysed data from the shock-wave compression of methane and found that extreme pressure separate carbon from hydrogen freeing it to form diamond.

Jupiter and Saturn :

 Diamond rain also appeared in Jupiter and Saturn. According to atmospheric data about 1000 tons fallen Saturn. These planets have methane rich atmosphere. During storms, lightings turn it into carbon as carbon begins to fall. It is subjected to intense temperature and pressure. These conditions squeeze them into chunk of Graphites. As pressure increases graphite is compressed, making it literally rain diamonds but about 22,000 miles in the Saturn atmosphere, temperature rises and diamonds compost into the mushy liquid.

 According to NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory such diamonds would be about a centimeter in diameter.

Diamond Planet :

You can find diamonds outside the solar system.

1.  There’s exoplanet name 55 Cancri e. The planet is orbiting a sun like 55 Cancri a. The mass of the exoplanet is about 8.63 earth masses it is located from 40 light years from the earth and it is largely made of diamond.

2. There is a planet named  PSR J1719-1438 b companion to a millisecond pulsar. It has a density at least twice that of lead and may be composed mainly of the ultra dense diamond. 

Diamonds in Star :

It has been proposed that diamonds can be found in the carbon rich stars, particularly white dwarfs. The white dwarf  BPM 37093, located 50 light-years away in the constellation Centaurus and having a diameter of 4,000 km, may have a diamond core which was nickname is lucy. The giant gardening diamond is likely one of the largest diamonds in the whole universe.

Where you can find wood :

On other hand, we know that woods are

made from trees and from our current knowledge we know that trees are only found on earth. Yes! astronomers have found habitable or super habitable planets but we do not know that they contain life. 

Conclusion : My last Thought

 Wood is a porous and fibrous structural tissue found in the stems and roots of trees and other woody plants. It is an organic structure. It also conveys water and nutrients between leaves other growing tissues and roots. It may also refer to other plant material with comparable properties and to material engineered from wood or wood chips or fiber. Wood has been used for thousands of years for fuel, like construction, material, weapons, furniture, and paper. Woods and diamonds have one similarity they are both made of carbons but wood is a complex organic structure and compared to its diamonds is simple. In the whole universe, wood is rarer than diamonds. Trees can give you oxygen and it is one of the major member of our ecosystem and after they die they gives us wood. So woods are more valuable than diamonds.

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