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The Science of Loki’s time travel and branches of parallel Universe in Marvel Universe

MARVEL’S infamous ANTI-HERO Loki has made his way out of many “Impossible to escape” situations before, but in the new Disney+ Hotstar show Loki (the God of Mischief) may have finally become entangled in a fight that he can’t win — the war against time by getting the Tessaract with the power of his cleverness but believe it or not the time travel and the branching of the universe in Loki is possible according to the Quantum Theory. Let’s see the Science of it

  1. The time travel according to Quantum mechanics
  2.  Branching of The Universe and Multiverse 
  3. How to time travel 
  4. Could we use the branching of the universe in time travel?
  5. Is there any scientific Evidence to support the Multiverse Theory?
  6. Can we merge the branches of the Multiverse?
  7. Conclusion

The Science of Loki’s time travel

As Marvel’s Loki wasn’t a TV character he didn’t make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before). The Science of Loki’s time travel. Back in 2012 in Marvel Avenger, at the time of catching him, he took the Tessaract by his cleverness and after using it, he transferred to Utha Dessert of an another parallel Universe and caught by the guards of Time keeper. At the end of the trailer for Disney+ Marvel’s new TV show ‘Marvel’s Loki’ there’s a plot point where Loki talks to himself and says “To find a way to win, to change the future, you need to learn the art of time travel.” This is where the story will pick up and where we’ll see Loki (Tom Hiddleston) doing what he does best. Don’t worry though, since we’re on the subject of comics… Apparently Odin (Anthony Hopkins) used to time travel. In Thor, he made a 3,000 year jump in the Asgardian future, and another time jump in the present. 

What is the branching Universe and Multiverse?

The Multiverse is a theoretical concept in Quantum mechanics. It gains poloularity in the pop culture like- comic book and sci-fi fiction. According to this theory, the Multiverse is made up of an infinite number of parallel universes, some of them distant, some of them close. Back in Newtonian physics, we assumed that time is rigid and flows same for every point on Space but Einstein came along and says “no” time is like river. It can slow down and can speed up and then Quantum physics takes place and says the river can split up in different branches and every branches has it’s own choice to choose a path.

You can take the main river as a main time stream, when ever you make a dicision our universe spit in to 2 reality (That’s Call the Big bang). So every time you perform motion the universe splits and make a new baby universe. May be there are some universe, where you are a Trillioner, Scientist, YouTuber or a Loki, all the universes that the Marvel universe rests on are branches, and the only reason why they are branches is because every branch of a tree is in a different state, and according to Marvel’s theory, this means that they are all different universes but all in a different state. How could a Infinity Stone allow a character to travel through the Multiverse? Imagine being in a room where two windows can exist. One window shows the next few days, and the other one shows the rest of the Multiverse.

Could we use the branching universes to time-travel?

Did Loki hint at time travel? Can time travel be achieved? And the answer is yes, time travel can be achieved but it is not same as conventional time travel. You need to use Quantum mechanics. When you try to travel through time, you have to creat a worm hole. According to Quantum mechanics every past and future timeline exist for an object. So if you want to travel through time, you need to go the another parallel Universe. Remember this is not your own world. Every time you will do something in that universe, the universe will split into branches and lead them towards a different future.

Is there scientific evidence to support the multiverse?

Let’s hear the physicists. What is the multiverse? The idea of the multiverse is an outgrowth of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics means that our conception of the world of everyday objects is incomplete, since it fails to account for the existence of subatomic particles such as electrons and quarks that make up the bulk of matter and energy in the Universe. Our best understanding of the Universe suggests that, at its very fundamental level, it contains a mixture of two types of things. The Universe we observe is the result of matter and energy that have become separated by the destruction of the Big Bang, forming the realm of the living, in addition to a substantial part of which we can’t see. Let’s simplify this- you are reading this article in your phone but according to Quantum physics there is a non zero possibility that you are watching this on TV or laptop. May be you are doing this in another Universes.

Loki’s Journey

Loki’s long search for the truth that he is the God of Mischief and the leader of Asgard has lead him to a number of dangerous and unexpected lands, and he hasn’t always emerged from them, alive or unhurt. Each time he has left the mortal plane, he has gained clues to the location of the Asgardian Translator, the Stone of Agamotto, the only object that can grant access to another realm. He has gone to more worlds than any Asgardian before him. When he thought he had found it, he found a vast, brutal land full of dragons and fallen angels. He has faced foes far more powerful than he has ever faced before, but he has never been threatened with a fate worse than death. The fact that the MCU films have managed to follow through on the original plot that appeared in the Loki: Agent of Asgard comic book series makes it appear as though this story may be closer to the source material than some of the others, but is there actually science to support this? Loki’s father, the Goddess of Mischief Loki (and one half of the god of chaos himself), may be the origin of the MCU’s divine archer, but a common one can explain many of the mad scientist’s shenanigans. The World of Quantum Mechanics shows that all reality is created from the interactions between particles, and they can be destroyed through the quantum law of self-destructive annihilation. 

Paradox and Solutions:

There are plenty of Paradox related time travel. Like killing your own grand father or giving the blue print of time machine to a younger yourself. If you apply these, these make no sense. You can create and get information out of nothing! 

 But according to Quantum physics. When you travel through time, you will not reach your own past. Instead you will reach the parallel universes where your past is gonna happen. So what ever you will do, your past I your universes will not change but the future of the parallel universes will see a another future.


The Quantum world and parallel Universes is very complex and specially weird. This is just like a Drunken person whose patch is undetermined but we can tell the possibilities of his path. (This is the First web series I am watching) I have tried to cover all aspects of the Multiverse in this post to the best of my knowledge (Although I haven’t use the math). This is not a prediction about the Multiverse itself, but it is about the possibility of there being more parallel Universes or universes that are not visible to us.



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