Vowel and Consonant program in c using switch

IntroductionProgramming is all about problem-solving, and what better way to enhance your problem-solving skills than by delving into a practical example? In this blog...


c program to find simple and compound interest

IntroductionIn the realm of finance and mathematics, understanding the concepts of simple and compound interest is fundamental. These concepts play a pivotal role in...

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Picodi: Swiggy 100% Cashback Offer

Have you ever wanted to order food from Swiggy but hesitated due to the high cost? What if you could get a free Swiggy...


Types of Multiverse

IntroductionIn the fascinating field of theoretical physics, the concept of a multiverse has gained considerable attention and intrigue. A multiverse refers to the hypothetical...


The Science of Loki’s time travel and branches of parallel Universe in Marvel Universe

MARVEL’S infamous ANTI-HERO Loki has made his way out of many "Impossible to escape" situations before, but in the new Disney+ Hotstar show Loki...

Why Wood is more Valuable than Diamonds in the whole Universe

Recently a fact on the viral that woods are more valuable than diamonds but why is it? I mean, if you go to a...