Essential Job Search Insights for New Graduates

Image via FreepikEmbarking on the journey after high school or college can be daunting, especially when navigating the job market. However, armed with the...


Home Front to Business Front: Tips for Stay-at-Home Dad Entrepreneurs

In an era where traditional family roles are being reshaped, stay-at-home dads are emerging as a dynamic force in the entrepreneurial world. This demographic...

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Picodi: Swiggy 100% Cashback Offer

Have you ever wanted to order food from Swiggy but hesitated due to the high cost? What if you could get a free Swiggy...


Types of Multiverse

IntroductionIn the fascinating field of theoretical physics, the concept of a multiverse has gained considerable attention and intrigue. A multiverse refers to the hypothetical...


Top 6 things that can travel faster than light

We all know our universe has a speed limit: The speed of light. According to  Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, nothing that has mass...

What is Young’s Double-Slit Experiment ? And its importance for beginners

In Quantum physics, Young’s Double-Slit Experiment is one of the most successful demonstrations that light and matter can display characteristics of both waves and...

The Science of Loki’s time travel and branches of parallel Universe in Marvel Universe

MARVEL’S infamous ANTI-HERO Loki has made his way out of many "Impossible to escape" situations before, but in the new Disney+ Hotstar show Loki...

Why Wood is more Valuable than Diamonds in the whole Universe

Recently a fact on the viral that woods are more valuable than diamonds but why is it? I mean, if you go to a...