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Hibox Mystery Boxes: Referral code and An Honest Review, Profits

Hibox Mystery Boxes: An Honest Review of the Pros, Cons, and Realistic Profits

Mystery boxes have always piqued the curiosity of many, offering a tantalizing blend of risk and reward. Hibox has taken this concept into the digital realm with its mystery boxes, where you can buy a box without knowing what’s inside until you open it. The appeal lies in the excitement of surprise and the chance to score valuable items. However, like any gamble, it comes with its own set of risks. So, let’s dive into an honest review of Hibox mystery boxes, weighing the pros and cons, and analyzing potential profits.

How to Join?

Joining Hibox is straightforward. Follow these steps to get started:

Download the App:

Click here to download the Hibox app. (referral code- 1592140)

Sign Up:

Complete the registration process and enter the referral code 1592140 to receive any applicable bonuses.

Verify Your Account:

Complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process for account verification.

Start Exploring:

Once your account is set up, you can start purchasing mystery boxes and exploring the app’s features.

What Are Hibox Mystery Boxes?

Hibox is an app that sells mystery boxes, each containing unknown items. The catch? You don’t know what you’re getting until you open the box. The boxes are marketed with the possibility of high-value prizes like iPhones and cash, but also include lower-value items like phone cases and gadgets.

My Personal Experience

To test the waters, I invested ₹1,800 of my own money across three different boxes: ₹300, ₹500, and ₹1,000. Over four days, I received ₹230 in return, which translates to a 12.7% return, or about 3.2% per day. Here’s a breakdown:

Initial Investment:

  • ₹300 box
  • ₹500 box
  • ₹1,000 box

Return in 4 Days:

  • Total: ₹230
  • Percentage: 12.7%
  • Daily Return: 3.2%
My profile on hi box

Potential Yearly Profits

If you purchase a ₹500 box and a ₹1,000 box, the minimum daily profit would be ₹15. Over a year (365 days), this amounts to:

  • Initial Investment: ₹1,500
  • Daily Profit: ₹15
  • Yearly Profit: ₹5,475

With a daily return rate of approximately 3.2%, you could potentially see substantial gains over the long term. Here’s a breakdown of yearly profits for different investment amounts:

For ₹500 Box:

  • Daily Profit: ₹5
  • Yearly Profit: ₹5 x 365 = ₹1,825

For ₹1,000 Box:

  • Daily Profit: ₹10
  • Yearly Profit: ₹10 x 365 = ₹3,650

For ₹2,000 Box:

  • Daily Profit: ₹20
  • Yearly Profit: ₹20 x 365 = ₹7,300

Suggested Investment Strategy

Given the guaranteed minimum return of 1% per day, the potential yearly return is 365%. If you’re considering an investment, here’s a conservative strategy:

  • Initial Investment: ₹4,000
  • Daily Profit: ₹40
  • Yearly Profit: ₹40 x 365 = ₹14,600

This approach ensures you don’t overextend yourself financially while still allowing for significant potential returns.

Updated Experience

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The Pros

1. Potential Gains:
Hibox advertises high-value prizes, such as iPhones and other expensive gadgets. The chance to win something valuable is a significant draw for many users.

2. Freebies and Offers:
New users often receive bonus packs and rewards during special events, adding to the fun and potential gains.

The Cons

1. Risk of Unwanted Items:
One of the biggest risks is ending up with items you don’t need or want, essentially wasting your money.

2. Uncertain Quality:
There’s no guarantee that the items you receive will be of high quality. It’s essential to research Hibox’s reputation before making a purchase.

3. Duplicates:
If you buy multiple boxes, there’s a chance you might get the same items more than once, reducing the excitement and value.

4. Unclear Odds of Winning:
Hibox doesn’t disclose the odds of winning high-value prizes, leaving you in the dark about your chances of scoring big.

Realistic Profits: An Honest Look

The real question is, can you make a profit from Hibox mystery boxes? Let’s break down the potential gains and risks.

Potential Gains:

  • High-value electronics (advertised)
  • resell value (certain)
  • Lower-value items like phone cases, gadgets, etc.
  • Daily login


  • Receiving unwanted or low-quality items
  • Wasting money on items you won’t use
  • Difficulty reselling unwanted items

Key Considerations

1. Cost:
Determine how much you’re willing to spend on a gamble. It’s crucial not to invest more than you can afford to lose. I recommend starting with no more than ₹4,000.

2. Reviews:
Check what other users are saying about Hibox’s mystery boxes. Are they satisfied with the quality of the items and the customer service?

3. Alternatives:
Consider if there are other ways to get the items you want. Sometimes, saving up and buying them directly might be a better option.


Hibox mystery boxes can be a fun and potentially profitable venture if approached with caution. Start small, understand the risks, and don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose. Keep an eye on your returns and make informed decisions based on your experiences and observations. Given the guaranteed minimum return of 1% per day, this investment seems promising. However, remember that high-value prizes like iPhones are rare, and focusing on steady, modest returns is a safer bet.

If you follow the strategy of purchasing, reselling, and reinvesting, you could see a substantial return over time. But always be mindful of the risks involved and manage your investments wisely. Happy unboxing!

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